iMap Weather Radio available for free download

July 19, 2012

REC has partnered with other Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in having their members become weather aware. In an effort to continue improving members’ quality of life, REC now offers the top rated iMap Weather Radio app to their members free of charge. Traditionally this top selling app retails for $9.99.

After Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. in Norman, Oklahoma, reviewed the result of a survey about severe weather and how people respond they learned weather warning averaged 20 minutes of lead-time, not every person receives warnings. Also, they found people chose not to respond to warnings because of perceived false alarms, people will seek second and third confirmations before taking action and people in rural areas have less opportunities to receive warnings. With this information, WDT created a whole new category in mobile weather safety by developing a weather radio for smartphones.

Their goal behind this product is to support the National Weather Service and local media partners to improve communication of warnings and save lives. Their objective then became to put the power of a weather radio in peoples’ hands in an easy to use, relevant package.

"We are excited to offer this app to our customers," says Megan Lawrence, Manager of Member Services and Marketing. "This app not only allows our members to remain weather aware no matter where they are located, but it is also a way for REC to communicate with members directly. Not only will our members know about the weather around them, they will also be informed about what is happening with REC. Allowing our members to set up to five locations on their phone as well as their current location, REC members will remain members up-to-date on what is happening around them." 653002

The app also provides interactive maps to view radar, alert polygons and situational awareness of what is happening in their current location. In addition to text alerts, the app has the capability for text to speech reading of watches and warnings for drivers, visually impaired and people on the go. Another feature of this app is the real-time streaming video of channel 9 news.

"We are proud to serve rural Oklahoma and want our members to know we value them and this free app offer is another way we can show our members how much we appreciate them," Lawrence adds.

Currently, the free downloads of this app are only available for iPhones and iPads. For a free download come into REC headquarters or call Barbara Russell at 405-756-3104 ext. 238 to redeem your card.

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