REC's 79th Annual Meeting

REC's 79th Annual Meeting

REC members gathered  at REC’s Multi Purpose Center for its 79th Annual Meeting. This year 397 members came for a free health fair, entertainment and a review of the operations of the Cooperative.

Many members visited the free health fair conducted by the Lindsay Municipal Hospital, South Central Medical Resource Center, the Lindsay Emergency Medical Services and Physical Therapy Central. Several people enjoyed breakfast provided by the local Kiwanis Club while many others made their way inside to listen to  the bluegrass band, Genetic Connection from Doyal, Okla. Gentic Connection is a brother and sister duo and friends.   

Once the members made their way inside, many stopped at the different booths and learned more about what the Co-op is doing and what it has to offer.

The business portion of the meeting began as REC Board of Trustees President Gary Jones discussed what it meant to be a member of an electric cooperative.

Next, Chief Executive Officer Dale Nye covered the financials and reported the Cooperative was doing well.  He also reported about the value of electricity and how the cooperative is trying to keep electricity affordable. 

REC members approved the re-election of three Board of Trustees' during the registration process. Re-elected for a three-year term were: Scott Christian, District One, Office Three; Johnny Harrel, District Two, Office Three and Mark Finch, District Three, Office Three.

Throughout the meeting approximately 120 gifts were won by those in attendance. In addition to the regular prizes given away, seventy-five $75 gift certificates for electricity were given away. The grand prize winners of the three $500 gift certificates for electricity were Vickie Elliott of Rush Springs, Roger Tuley of Wynnewood and William Martin of Foster. The two children grand prize winners were Easton Harrel from Elmore City and Mikaila Davis from Maysville. 

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