REC's goal is to provide safe, adequate and reliable electric service to its members. Our rate structure is designed to reflect the co-op's delivery and power supply costs, including a minimum rate of return as required by our lenders. 

Below are descriptions and pricing of our most common rate classes. Alternative rate options are available for those who can reduce the majority of their power consumption when called to do so. For more information on these rates, see REC's Terms and Conditions or contact Jon Jones at 405-756-3104.


Available to customers for all farm and home uses, schools, churches and community halls. The capacity of individual motors served under this schedule shall not exceed 20 horsepower.
          Summer (April-October)
               Service Availability Charge:                    $17.00 per month
               Plus Energy Charge:                              $0.0875 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)
          Winter (November-March)
               Service Availability Charge:                    $17.00 per month
               Plus Energy Charge:                              $0.0875 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)

 The minimum charge shall be the higher of the following:
      a. The Monthly Customer Charge.
      b. As prescribed by contract for facilities.


Available for all commercial uses including lighting, heating, and single-phase or three-phase power, subject to the established rules and regulations. The capacity of individual motors served under this schedule shall not exceed 20 horsepower, without special consideration or special equipment. The cost of any load/feasibility studies for a single load shall be borne by the customer.
          Single-Phase Power:
              Service Availability Charge:                    $17.00 per month
              Plus Energy Charge:                              $0.0875 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)

          Three-Phase Power:
               Service Availability Charge:                   $35.00 per month
               Plus Energy Charge:                             $0.0960 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)

The minimum charge shall be the highest of the following:
     a. The Monthly Customer Charge.
     b. As prescribed by contract for facilities.


Available for power use including liquid pumps, compressors, lighting, HVAC, or any other power requirement of a commercial/industrial nature. No resale, standby, or auxiliary service permitted. Connected Load shall be a minimum of 25 KW or 30 Horsepower.
              Service Availability Charge:                                  $55.00
              Plus Demand Charge:                                          $3.65 per kilowatt (KW)
              Plus Energy Charge:
                  First 300 kilowatt-hours per kilowatt (KW)        $0.0700 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)
                 of Billing Demand
                 All Excess kilowatt-hours (KWH)                       $0.0585 per kilowatt-hour (KWH)


The billing demand shall be the average number of kilowatts measured during the period of a minimum of fifteen (15) consecutive minutes in which the customer’s consumption of electric energy is greater than during any other fifteen (15) consecutive minutes during the month, determined by suitable measuring instruments installed and maintained by the Cooperative. If the Cooperative determines that an interval of up to and including one hour is better suited to yield a demand level measurement, it may modify the interval without notice to the customer.

In computing charges for service under this rate, no bill for any month shall be based on less than the highest demand established during the twelve months ending with the current month, which, in any event, will not be less than 25 kW.

The minimum monthly charge shall be the greater of:
     a. The Customer charge and billing demand charge.
     b. As prescribed by contract for facilities.

The customer agrees to maintain unity (100%) power factor as nearly as practical. The Cooperative reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time. Should such measurements indicate that the power factor in normal loading conditions is less than ninety percent (90%), the demand for billing purposes shall be the demand as indicated or recorded by the demand meter multiplied by 90% and divided by the present power factor.