Nobody likes it when the power goes out. Not you. And definitely not your provider. SmartHub makes it easy to check your service status and report service issues so everything is back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Check Your Status

1. Click the My Profile tab.


2. Click the Outages link on the far left.

The Outages page appears, displaying basic information on past outages.

3. Review your status.

• If no issues are known about your service, only past outage information will display.


• If your service location is part of a known outage, you will see a message stating ‘Your power is out for the following’ and information about the outage will display.


Report an Issue

1. Click the My Profile tab.

2. Click the Outages link on the far left.

The Outages page appears.

3. Click the Report an Outage link below the Outages heading.


The Report an Outage window appears.

4. Enter any useful information about your outage in the Comments field.

This includes any unusual sights, sounds and smells, or when the outage began.


5. Click the Report Outage button.

A message displays confirming your report was received.


6. Click the Close button to return to the Outages screen.